Politics Majors at the University of California Santa Cruz want to better understand the Arab-Israeli conflict rather than just glean their information from the media.  Some students even want to visit the area to sit down and talk with Israeli and West Bank residents.  Well, thanks to the backing of various leaders at the university, this desire will soon become a reality.  One Palestinian-American and one “unaffiliated” student are set to take to the airs in September and go on a fact-finding trip to these areas “as part of a student-run peace dialogue group, the Olive Tree Initiative.”  The people they will meet with will include: Israeli settlers, media people, Hebron mayor, Arab Knesset member, PM spokesmen and kibbutz residents.  Adam Roseman studied at the university, earning a BA in Economics.  He was also recognized as “one of the nation’s top student leaders” during his time there.

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