Jungdong Mall and Other IPO News

On September 14, 2011, in Adam Roseman, ARC China, by admin

Certainly, companies like ARC China with Founder Adam Roseman always have their eyes set on China and its latest developments.  In recent news, Jungdong Mall, which operates one of China’s largest e-commerce sites, may be set for some big advancements.  They are looking to raise up to $5 billion next year in New York for what may be the largest internet-related IPO in history.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, this Beijing-based company which operates the e-commerce site 360buy.com is organizing its plan of action at the moment.  360buy.com has investments from Russian’s Digital Key Technologies and other sources, but they face touch competition from other e-commerce giants such as Alibaba Group and Dangdang.

Time will tell how Jingdong Mall will do – and potential investors and those with interests in the Chinese market would do well to keep their eyes set in this area.

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