China Sets Out to Help World Economy

On September 17, 2010, in Adam Roseman, ARC China, by admin

Chong Quan, deputy trade envoy to China recently “rejected complaints that Beijing intentionally boosts its trade surplus by promoting exports while holding down imports.”  As well he reiterated the commitment to “boost imports of resources and high-tech equipment and to ease costs for importers but announced no new initiatives.”  This came at a time of pressure mounting once again from American lawmakers on the matter of Chinese currency controls.  Chong insisted that China has been making “its due contribution to the world’s economic development.”  While he was speaking Larry Summers, U.S. National Economic Council Director was meeting Vice Premier Wang Qishan, China’s top trade official.  The US and Chinese government are working together in an attempt to end the global crisis it was claimed.  It is hoped that all countries will be able to unite to work to fight trade protectionism, Chong said.

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