Pakistan is making life even easier for foreign entrepreneurs and investors to China, specifically in the energy sector.  It was Syed Naveed Qamar, the country’s Federal Water and Power Minister, who mentioned this in a conversation with Liu Tienan, the National Development Reform Commission’s National Energy Administration Administrator last night.  The two men met at the Diaiotai State Guest House.  Qamar was on a visit to China to participate in a meeting of the Pakistan-China Joint Economic Working Group.  Any encouragement for foreign investments in China is good news for businessmen like Adam Roseman, founder of ARC Investment Partners.

Energy Shortage

The energy shortage is a big problem for the people of Pakistan.  According to an article in The Tribune,  such a working group like this can provide “an ideal platform where all energy-related issues could be brought for discussion and speedy implementation.”  As well, Tienan said the working group – as a group – “would provide a good opportunity to search for solutions to meet energy shortage in Pakistan.”

Energy Projects

It was also agreed upon that there will be a mechanism to facilitate the “early implementation of energy projects between the two countries.”  The energy projects that are currently in existence will be banded together and attempts made to “expedite their completion and to arrange financing. The working group will also study future energy requirements of Pakistan and submit proposals for their implementation.”

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