Today Adam Roseman is the CEO of ARC China, which he founded in 2005. ARC China is a manager of public as well as private equity funds which emphasize investments in Chinese domestic consumer—oriented businesses, mainly in Tier II and Tier III cities.

Previously Mr. Roseman was at Lehman Brothers and Barrington Associates as an investment banker. At Lehman Brothers Adam Roseman worked primarily with mergers and acquisitions in addition to equity and debt public offerings.

Adam Roseman was 27 years old when he founded ARC Investment Partners in 2005. ARC Investment Partners is a private equity firm which, since its inception, has helped to bring over $150 million in investments to projects in the third world that focus on sustainability. Such projects have included the development of alternative energy sources, water treatment/waste management, health care and other initiatives. In 2007 the Los Angeles Business Journal featured Adam Roseman as one of LA’s top 20 entrepreneurs in their 20s.

Due to his recognition as a dynamic and successful young entrepreneur in Southern California, Adam Roseman was picked to organize and lead a small group of similar young leaders to take part in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Conference in 2007. The delegation of young leaders to CGI which was led by Adam Roseman was able to raise a large amount of contributions and increase awareness of the CGI. These 10 leaders were introduced to the CGI meeting, which included leaders and 52 heads of state from over 70 countries.